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You can send me e-mail at

You can also find me on Delta Chat

My PGP Fingerprint

I prefer PGP signed E-mail. Send me your public key!

How to secure your own E-mail with PGP

Private Telephone

+49 1577 933 31 79

I probably won't pick up the phone if I don't know your number. Use it to reach me on Signal instead.

Chat Profiles

I am mostly active on IRC and Twitter.

On IRC I am jbove:

  • Find me on the Freenode IRC network.
  • I some times go by my first name Johan.
  • Use this IRC webchat in case you don't have a client installed.

On Twitter:

On Matrix:

On Skype:

Accounts and Digital Identities

My Keybase identity is @johanbove. It's also the service where you can find my original OpenPGP key.

You can find me on Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB)

Crypto wallets and other identities

I'm not much into crypto currencies, but I do have these wallets identities in case you want to exchange or verify my account.

Wallet Address
Lobstr johanbove*
Brave BAT