Pausing my Gemini capsule

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UPDATE 2021-07-11
I didn't pause my Gemini space for a very long time in the end. Gemini is a great platform for easily sharing content on the Internet. So I am still using it. Just don't expect weekly posts.

Pausing my Gemini capsule

It's a fact that most people consider the World Wide Web, on the familiar HTTP protocol, as the main Internet and only a very small number of people are aware of the existence of the Gemini protocol.

The last weeks I have been neglecting my Gemini capsule on the Gemini protocol to focus on my main "Web Presence". I have been enjoying working on my HTTP site's design again; doing so allowed me to refresh my CSS skills by experimenting with the latest techniques.

So I made the decision to pause any new updates to my Gemini capsule for now. I won't take the server offline yet. However, it might go away entirely some day.

The "Gemini" effort is still interesting and I see why many people will keep publishing there. I'm just putting my own focus back on the classic WWW again.

At least for a while.