Cancelled Brave Auto-contributions in BAT

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Why I stopped my Brave Rewards auto-contributions

My problem with the BAT token and the "Brave Rewards" monthly auto-contributions is the fluctuation of the exchange rate to Euro and USD. You can set a monthly amount in BAT, but there really should be an option to define this amount in an exchange rate percentage with a stable coin or currency.

An example: 10.00 BAT today is now worth €8.00, next month it might be €15.00 or €5.00. So I would like to set a maximum value to automatically contribute based upon the exchange rate to €10.00 Euro. I'm okay with spending €10.00 worth each month because I am being paid for my job using Euro. I'm not "making" any BAT, unlike Brave themselves. Because the value of BAT fluctuates a lot I might give €15.00 worth of BAT away - which is over the maximum amount that I wanted to spend. I still compare value with Euro and not yet with BAT.

Additionally; adding BAT to my Brave Wallet costs me a fee - which Uphold thankfully accepts - which also takes away "spending" power of the BAT that I could share with the brave creators looking to earn some Brave BATs. So if the current exchange rate for Euro to BAT is high, I am relunctant to do that, especially since the auto-contributions system seems a bit flaky at times where the amounts are taken of the Uphold wallets but it's unclear when these BATs are actually handed over to the creatives I wanted to support. More transparancy is definitely needed from Brave's internal processes.

So when Brave will allow me to define my monthly Brave Rewards contribution in a maximal amount compared to a stable coin then I'll participate again. Until then I will use instead.