V-Tech Download Manager

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V-Tech Download Manager issues

Had a really bad experience trying to get the V-Tech "Download Manager" for their Magic Book 3D to work on Windows 10 - the application window did not resize and I had to put the screen size to a ridiculous 480x640 pixels to be able to get to some point where I could actually use the buttons in the application.

Somehow it detected the 3D Magibook on USB, but then, after waiting for the app to "load", and I was able to see the books to add the media of, the USB connection all of sudden disappeared and I was stuck again. I tried four times to get through the process to no avail.

Luckily I have a Macbook from work. I am not really supposed to use it for private applications, but in this case I was a little desperate. So I installed the "Download Manager" for Mac on it and had to mess a bit with disk access for it work, but was happy to see that all worked well on the Mac version of the application. First of all, a "firmware upgrade" window popped up and I had to go through the whole process.

I am suspecting that this firmware issue is the cause of the Windows problems. After the firmware upgrade, I was able to get the media for the new book we got our son, using the Mac app. But haven't tried with the Windows 10 version of the app.

Disappointing that the experience with the application on Windows 10 is so bad. So I wrote the customer service about it. Let's see what happens next.