Online Auctions as Spectator Sport

The following 144 words were published by Johan Bové on .

Discovered an exciting new online spectator-sport: following Ebay auctions for rare(ish), yet popular devices.

The last auction I followed for a Sony MZ-RH1 #minidisc player was a real nail-biter.

Within the duration of the final 60 seconds four bidders competed with each other, with the bid going up from €188 to €289.

The winning bid went to someone who made a bid only 4 times for this item and only followed a single auction in the last period. They won against someone who, looking at their bidding history, is going through some effort finding the rare gem.

ps. I am not going to make this a regular report - just thought this last auction was particular and I was personally glad the winning bid was just a little bit more than what I offered for a similar device just last week.