How to get SonarQube running with Docker

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How to get SonarQube running with Docker

First install Docker and set up an account on the Docker repository.

We assume you already have Docker installed and have a working account. The explanation below is for running a local SonarQube server and is not meant to be used in production. It also assumes that you've set up your Web project with Vue.js and Jest.js spec files. It assumes you are keeping your source code in the ./src folder.

Get sonarqube Docker image and run it:

docker run -d --name SonarQube -p 9000:9000 -p 9092:9092 sonarqube

Download the sonar-scanner from here and install:

Create a file and name it in the root folder of the project.

Note: The paths in the properties below are relative to the root folder.

Set up the project with these properties:

sonar.projectName=My Project

Run sonar-scanner with:


Open http://localhost:9000 in your browser of choice.

Log in with admin:admin and see the project "My Project" show up there.