IPFS and FileCoin

Learning all about IPFS and FileCoin

First of all I gained some experience with the IPFS concepts and tools because of my personal site setup which I now also mirror on the IPFS network.

This works really well, but in order to keep the site on the IPFS network it does not suffice to use "pinning" services like Infuria and Pinata.cloud; so it makes sense for me to also have a look at the FileCoin project.

It does make sense that if we would rely on other people's hard-drives for hosting and sharing content in the peer-to-peer Web that there were to be some way of making it worthwile of everyone. How exactly to achieve is not something I can decide. Filecoin is probably one of more mature ideas that I have seen in this space.

First learning about the concepts obviously. And there are a lot of new tech things to learn about and digest.


I have absolutely no ambitions to become a miner however at this time. I don't have the required hardware or network or even time for it. If I did get involved with Filecoin it would be as a "client" to have my data stored somewhere "safe".

In comparison hosting your content on Backblaze or even Onedrive is way more easier to start with and has a relatively good price for the service you get. So making a switch to a fully decentralized storage solution would have to have very big advantages over the current service offerings. And unless you're Lupin and thus completely paranoid of any corporation control, it would not be worth the time and effort.

So making good "deals" on the Filecoin system seems like a challenge. Hoping to learn more about this in the next days and weeks.



Got hold-up because of learning about other crypto tech like "Proof-of-Stake" and "Cardano". All interesting concepts projects, which I believe are way more useful than Bitcoin which only holds "value" and nothing else. Ethereum is way more valuable in the sense that it empowers a decentralized universe of applications.

And IPFS and FileCoin are valuable in that sense as well as a support for the decentralized Web.

So that's my motivation in why I am spending some time in learning about these concepts.

Currently re-doing the Tutorial for "Verifying Storage on Filecoin"

Learning about "Proof of Stake", "Proof of Replication" and "Proof of Spacetime", but I'm not pretending here that I really understand what this all really means. If only I had paid more attention to my highschool math classes twenty so years ago... At least I#m trying here.

I also feel like I'm keep trying to catch up with everyone who is already three years ahead on these things somehow. ugh.