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I'm done with social media, again

Content Warning: starting rant

Today I deactivated the Reddit account I used to sometimes roam over on that network. Why?

Secretly wishing that everyone in my online community would have their own Gemini, Gopherhole or personal "Indieweb" websites through which we could keep in touch.

Really tired of FB, Reddit and the likes.

There is no need for any of it, and especially not for any of it to be so fudging huge, as if everyone constantly has to be linked up with everyone else, and needs to be compared to everyone else at every single instant of the day.

It's not natural and just messes with people's heads.

I fear how the future of the Web will look like.

Even de-centralized ideas, cool as they seem, like Secure Scuttlebutt and Mastodon, are in the end only there as a social network where too many people get access to too much stuff that is practically totally irrelevant to them.

So I'm switching back to RSS feeds and reading some news sites - and posting the occasional thing on my own sites, including this Gemini space and my WWW sites. I'm not going to post any of it on Social Media any more - unless it is relevant there some how.

I'm keeping Twitter around for professional reasons as many web-devs still interact with each other there. But I haven't installed the Twitter app, just using the mobile site and I turned off all forms of notifications.

If you want to contact me, just use e-mail or find me on IRC. Note that even there I won't get or see any notifications, so don't expect an immediate response.

Rant out.