Free 10GB Cloud Storage with B2

I got a BackBlaze backup service for my main PC and just yesterday discovered they are offering free cloud storage up to 10GB with BackBlaze B2.

Sounds like enough space to store your web app data in a secure cloud storage environment.

If you'd like free months when you sign up for BackBlaze, then I'm inviting you to use this BackBlaze Promotional referral link.



Using the excellent free cloud storage software called CyberDuck to connect to the B2 service and easily upload files and manage folders.

Changed the name of this plan to reflect the correct purpose of Backblaze B2 - it's an archival service, not a CDN. CloudFlare and Akamai are CDNs. Microsoft Azure and Google Firebase also offer CDN services. See this review of CDN services.

Reminds me to check out Netlify too.