Sustainable Webdesign

Going to redo my Known site the sustainable way

Currently reading the book "Sustainable Webdesign" by Tom Greenwood (published by A List Apart) - after the horrible events in Germany last week; which I do believe are generally the effect of climate change - I got a wake-up call.

I am now looking for ways that I can control on how to limit my impact on climate change further.

We already have our house set up with 100% renewable energy, and I try to only buy refurbished IT and hardly ever by any new clothes - but yet I do feel the need to do more.

So the things I can control and that consume energy and produce CO2 are my sites.

Luckily the carbon footprint of my is fairly low and the web hosting service I use pledges to use eco-friendly data centers, but my website on the other hand is extremely power hungry; just because of how the template is designed.

Therefor I made this plan in order to get going and motivated to finally work on cleaning up the front-end code and HTML structure of the Known CMS.

To Do List

  • 🟩 Replace the old-fashioned Bootstrap theme and template with a light-weight system based upon CSS Grid.
  • 🟩 Remove the "time ago" timers with JS from every post - just show the date. Remove "Moment.js".
  • 🟩 Remove jQuery and replace everything with vanilla JS.
  • 🟩 Remove modernizr.js.
  • 🟩 Remove the Youtube embedder (?) - harder as I kinda like this - but this will make a huge impact too.