Learning what CTZN is about

Current gathering all information from Paul Frazee's CTZN project.

The source code and all information is on https://github.com/pfrazee/ctzn

A distributed social network mad science experiment. WIP. Twitter-style feed and posts. Users follow each other, post to their own p2p databases, and servers aggregate their community's data to provide large-scale indexes in their own p2p databases. CTZN is a toolkit for political engineering. While it provides a core schema for social networks, it considers extensible "Political Experience" and application networks to be a key design goal.

Currently reading the Design Overview

Paul Frazee is doing daily live streams on Youtube while he's developing the CTZN platform.


Pausing this plan for now as I'm looking at other things. Going to spend some more time on main-stream Web for a bit. Even-though I feel projects like CTZN are necessary to keep the Internet free, my daily job requires me to stay on top of the tech most people will be using. And there are only thát many hours in a day...