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You can send me e-mail at

You can also securily and privately e-mail and chat with me through the Delta Chat e-mail client.

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My PGP Fingerprint

I prefer PGP signed E-mail. Send me your public key!

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Private Telephone

+49 1577 933 31 79

I probably won't pick up the phone if I don't know your number. Use it to reach me on Signal instead.

Chat Profiles

I am mostly active on IRC and Twitter.

On IRC I am jbove:

  • Find me on the IRC network.
  • I some times go by my first name Johan.
  • I highly recommend IRC Cloud in case you don't have a client installed yet.

On Twitter:

Accounts and Digital Identities

My Keybase identity is @johanbove. It's also the service where you can find my original OpenPGP key.

My new SSB account as of January 2022: